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The New UAV LiDAR system from RIEGL. 

For years, RIEGL Airborne Laser Scanners have been successfully used in high-end unmanned airborne platforms. For this new instrument, physical limitations of small UAS/UAV/RPAS have been taken into account, thus providing a perfectly suited, compactly dimensioned and lightweight instrument of unrivaled performance.

  • Survey-grade accuracy & precision typ. 25 mm
    Scan speed up to 200 scans / second
    Operating flight altitude up to more than 1,000 ft
    Field of view up to 300° for practically unrestricted data acquisition regular point pattern, perfectly parallel scan lines

    Cutting edge RIEGL technology providing:
        - echo signal digitization
        - online waveform processing
        - multiple-time-around processing

    Multiple target capability - practically unlimited number of targets echoes
    Lightweight, and rugged
    Easily mountable to professional UAS / UAV / RPAS
    Mechanical and electrical interface for IMU mounting

  • The clever shape and large field of view of the RIEGL VUX-1 grant for the instrument’s versatility and allow smooth integration into different types of UAS/UAV/RPAS.

  • Power Line, Railway Track, and Pipeline Inspection
    Terrain and Canyon Mapping
    Corridor Mapping
    Surveying of Urban Environments
    Topography in Open-Cast Mining
    Agriculture and Forestry
    Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Documentation
    Construction-Site Monitoring


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