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The new high speed, high resolution terrestrial 3D Laser Scanner offers an extremely long measurement range for topographic (static) applications.

The new high speed, high resolution terrestrial 3D Laser Scanner VZ-6000 offers an extremely long measurement range of more than 6000 m for topographic (static) applications. Being the Laser Class 3B companion to the VZ-4000, it is, due to its laser wavelength, exceptionally well suited for measuring snowy and icy terrain in glacier mapping and monitoring applications in mountainous regions. The RIEGL VZ-6000 is compatible with the well-proven RIEGL software package RiSCAN PRO for terrestrial laser scanning, RIEGLs interface library RiVLiB, as well as the workflow-optimizing software packages RiMONITOR and RiMINING. The software plugin RiMTA-3D provides automatic assignment of the correct MTA zones in multiple time around processing.

  • ultra long range up to 6000 m.

    - Laser Class 3B.

    - Wide field of view

     - High speed data acquisition up to 222,000 meas./sec

    - High accuracy

    - High precision ranging based on echo digitization and online waveform processing multiple target capability

    - Unlimited number of targets multiple time around processing optional waveform data output

    - Built-in calibrated digital camera

    - on-board inclination sensors integrated L1 GPS receiver with antenna integrated compass

    - Built-in SSD data storage media

    - Compact and rugged design

  • Wide range of terresterial mapping applications

    - Multiple target capability -unlimited number of targets

    - On-board inclination sensors

    - Compact and Rugged Design

  • Glacier & Snowfield Mapping

    - Topography & Mining

    - Monitoring

    - Civil Engineering

    - Archaeology & Cultural Heritage

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