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Tera-1024 Model

Terahertz imaging camera

The detectors are fabricated from GaAs high-mobility heterostructure in the standard semiconductor cycle using conventional optical lithography. The imaging sensor is manufactured on a single wafer. That process ensures high homogeneity and reproducibility of the plasmonic detector parameters (pixel-to-pixel deviation responsivity is within 20-percent range). Each unit detector proved to have room-temperature responsivity up to 50 kV/W with read-out circuitry and noise equivalent power 1 nW/Hz^0.5 in the frequency range 10 GHz – 1 THz. The detection mechanism is based on transformation of incident THz radiation into two-dimensional electron system (2DES) plasma oscillation. Plasma wave is then rectified on the inhomogeneity of 2DES electron density in the defect region.

  • 1024 pixels (32 x 32 array)
    1.5 x 1.5 mm pixel size
    50 kV/W responsivity with NEP=1 nW/Hz^0.5
    10 cm x 10 cm x 5.5 cm device size

  • New physical principle employed
    ​Operates at frequencies (0.05 - 0.7 THz), where most common materials are transparent
    Different models are available: 256 pixels; 1024 pixels; 4096 pixels - to accomodate any budget
    ​USB feeding and programming

  • Beam profiling systems
    Imaging of beams from TDS and FDS systems
    security and screening
    Hidden Oblects and Defects Identification
    Medical Diagnostics
    Petrol and Oil quality Control
    OEM Applications

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