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Reveal D&I

Chemical imaging software for hyperspectral data.

Reveal D&I is designed specifically for the detection and identification of gas emissions. This powerful software allows real-time detection of a large portfolio of gases simultaneously.

  • Multiple gas detection

    Display of multiple gases simultaneously

    Co-visualization with the visible image

    Visualization of the calibrated spectra

    Detection of complex gas mixtures

    Known or unknown background conditions

    High resolution hyperspectral images

    Adjustable detection sensitivity

    User-defined target list and display

    Customizable detection display

    Visualization of calibrated spectrum at each pixel

    Automated radiometric calibration

    Monitoring of system status


    Compatible with existing spectral libraries including: PNNL (Pacific Northwest National Lab) library

    Importation of spectra

    Rapid feedback for field test validation

    Direct results for on-going experiments

    Control of configuration panel

    Visible detection history

  • Real-Time Detection

    Powerful Detection Algorithm

    Interactive Software

    Automated Parameter Optimization

    Spectral Signature Manager

  • Defence and Security


    Oil and gas


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