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Hyspex SWIR 384

The new HySpex SWIR-384 hyperspectral camera from NEO, is developed for field, laboratory, airborne and industrial applications.

  • With a max frame rate of 450 fps, combined with an aberration- corrected optical system with high optical throughput (f/2), the data quality, speed and sensitivity is truly state of the art.

    A wide range of close-up lenses allows the use of the camera at working distances ranging from a few cm with a spatial resolution of 60 μm to infinity for e.g. airborne remote sensing.

  • The SWIR close-up lenses also make it possible to employ the camera in applications involving shorter object distances

    Hyperspectral images  provide much more detailed information about the scene than a normal colour camera and leads to a vastly improved ability to classify the objects in the scene based on their spectral properties

  • Airborne

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