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ReporteR - Explosives and Illicit Drugs Palm-Sized Raman Materials Identification System

The ReporteR has been designed to provide rapid on-site identification of Illicit drugs and nacortics as well as other hazardous materials in both liquid and solid form. Within seconds the ReporteR compares the individual spectroscopic signature of the sample against spectra stored in the library (expandable), displaying the identification and the degree of correlation on the highly visible LED display - all in a rugged, pocket sized system. With Raman spectroscopy the user can avoid direct contact with the sample since it is possible to obtain a fingerprint spectrum through transparent glass vials or plastic bags. The testing is also non-destructive meaning the sample is not altered or damaged in any way - ideal when providing conclusive evidence in court. Different sampling attachments ensure optimum results under varying conditions.

  • Palm-sized, rugged, lightweight unit - 397 g
  • Rapid analysis in 2 to 20 seconds
  • Simple and logical menu selection - push button operation
  • Highly visible OLED display
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Non-destructive analysis through glass and transparent plastic
  • Attachments for liquids, powders, solids, gels
  • Additional materials can be added easily to library - single sample required
  • Runs stand-alone or directly from PC for method development
  • USB interface for PC download
  • Operable temperature range (-20d C to 40d C)
  • RDX: Cocaine
  • Explosives : Narcotics
  • Silver Nitrate : Phenobarbitol (Luminal)
  • PETN : Diaxepan (Valium)
  • C4 : Ephedrine
  • Trinitrotoluene : Barbituric acid
  • Ammonium molybdate : Heroin
  • Sodium Perchlorate : Methamphetamine
  • Example library entries:
  • Border security
  • Counter terrorism
  • Crime and policing
  • Fire service
  • Product Image
    Barcode reader Point-and-shoot tip with adjustable focal depth Right angle tip with adjustable focal depth Disposable tip covers Vial holder and disposable vials....
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