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RAPID-ID - Industrial and Manufacturing

DeltaNu has designed the world's smallest, lightest and most affordable solution for rapid material identification and inspection. RAPID-ID fits in the palm of your hand yet delivers fast, highly accurate results wherever and whenever testing is needed. The compact Raman spectrometer addresses the growing need for non-destructive analysis of raw, intermediate and finished products in a range of industrial areas. The rugged design, clear LED display and push button control makes RAPID-ID suitable for the busiest operations. Material identification is carried out by comparing the unique molecular fingerprint to that of known reference materials stored in a pre-loaded spectral library. Additional reference materials can be added in less than a minute.

  • Palm-sized, rugged, lightweight unit - 397 g
  • Rapid analysis in 2 to 20 seconds
  • Simple and logical menu selection - push button operation
  • Attachments for liquids, powders, solids, gels
  • Integrated data management via USB for seamless tracking
  • Bluetooth barcode scanner
  • Pre-built reference libraries available (chemicals, polymers, minerals)
  • RAPID-ID can be utilised for industrial inspection in areas such as:
  • Chemical / specialty chemical manufacturing
  • Medical devices manufacturing
  • Consumer products manufacturing (plastic)
  • Polymer production / recycling
  • Food
  • Academic teaching and research
  • Raw Material Identification
  • First-pass failure analysis
  • Improved regulation compliance
  • Additives detection
  • Intermediate and final product identification
  • Counterfeit detection and identification
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