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RAPID-ID (Palm-sized Raman for Academic Research and Teaching )

Raman spectroscopy is taught at many universities at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. However, students rarely have the chance to get their hands on a Raman spectrometer as bench-top systems are typically kept under lock and key due to their complexity to operate and extremely high cost.

  • palm-sized, rugged, lightweight unit -397g
  • Typical analysis complete in 6 seconds
  • non-destructive analysis through glass and transparent plastic
  • Simple operation - minimal training required
  • Attachments for liquids, powders, solids and gels
  • Runs stand alone or directly from PC
  • RAPID-ID provides a breakthrough in the use of Raman spectroscopy in the teaching lab. Its low cost, ease-of-use and rugged design means RAPID.ID is finally able to bring Raman into an open R&D and practical teaching arena.
  • Although cost-effective and compact, DeltaNus Raman systems are proven for the most challenging applications, delivering uncompromising performance and reliability.
  • RAPID-ID is an ideal screening tool to help address most routine testing needs in the laboratory, helping to make Raman accessible to all.
  • Forensi - identify alcohol, paint, fertiliser, drugs
  • Organi- identify unknowns by functional group analysis
  • Inorgani- group theory, periodic trend investigation
  • Environmenta- identify polymers for recycling
  • Pharmacy - identify counterfeits
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