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Pharma-ID (Palm-sized Pharmaceutical Identification System)

The smallest, lightest, most affordable solution for rapid non-destructive pharmaceutical identification. Designed for true single handed operation, PHARMA-ID makes analysing raw materials effortless from the first sample to the last. By moving analysis out of the lab to the point of need - the warehouse - raw material testing costs can be greatly reduced, 100% inspection becomes possible and product quality assured. PHARMA-ID identifies and validates excipients and APIs against an on-board library in seconds, wherever testing is needed.

  • Palm-sized, rugged, lightweight uit - 312g
  • Typical analysis complete in 6seconds
  • Simple operation- minimal training required
  • Non-destructive analysis through glass and plastic packaging
  • Attachments for liquids, powders, solids and gels
  • Run stand-alone or directly from PC
  • Integrated data management via USB for seamless tracking
  • Bluetooth barcode scanner
  • Pre-built pharmaceutical library available
  • 21 C part 11 compliant
  • NuSpecs full functionality coupled with simple to implement SOPs fulfils compliance standards allowing quick and easy commissioning into any cGMP environment.
  • The rugged design, clear OLED display and push button control makes PHARMA-ID suitable for the busiest operations although cost-e?ective and compact, DeltaNus Raman systems are proven for the most challenging applications. PHARMA-ID reduces the cost to achieve highly desired lean manufacturing processes, whilst delivering uncompromising performance and reliability
  • Based on DeltaNus proven Raman technology, the highly accurate device enables rapid library creation; often only a single spectrum is required per material.
  • Method and library development is administered through easy-to-use NuSpec software.
  • Forensi - identify alcohol, paint, fertiliser, drugs
  • Organi- identify unknowns by functional group analysis
  • Inorgani- group theory, periodic trend investigation
  • Environmenta- identify polymers for recycling
  • Pharmacy - identify counterfeits
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