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Phase One iXA 160

A 60.5 Megapixel Medium format camera for aerial photography.

The Phase One iXA 160 is an 60.5 mega pixel integrated medium format aerial camera system that was designed exclusively for aerial photography.

  • Medium format camera

    - Camera facilitates bi-directional communication with the flight management system (FMS) and an on-board computer.

    - Phase One SDK on the host computer enables the remote capture and storage of the images.

    - Modular system, the iXA is a natural choice for integration into large or small configurations.

    - Available as 80 megapixel, 60 megapixel or Achromatic version.

    - Camera systems are available with RGB or NIR sensor modules.

    - A wide selection of lenses (28 mm to 240 mm).

    - Focal plane shutter speeds up to 1/4000 second or leaf shutter speeds up to 1/1600 second.

    - Multiple software solutions.

  • Easily integrated into existing systems, both on board the aircraft and in post-production.

    - Constructed of 6061 aluminium alloy

    - Workhorse built with fewer moving parts to reduce unnecessary wear

    - Removable parts securely connected to prevent movement or vibration

    - Self-locking LEMO connectors

    - Mirror-free system

    - Camera is bolted to the pod with four M4 screws

    - Secure lens holder secures lens at infinity focus

    - Compact, small footprint

  • Disaster risk management

    - Environmental monitoring

    - Cartography

    - Engineering & Urban planning

    - Precision Agriculture

    - Military Applications

  • To download the latest Acrobat Reader please click here (8mb) and follow the online instructions.
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