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The OCI-1000 is a High-performance Handheld Hyperspectral Imager which can be used for field-based hyperspectral imaging

BaySpec’s Handheld OCI-1000 Hyperspectral Imager brings for the first time high performance Hyperspectral imaging in a compact form factor weighing less than 1 lbs. (450 g). The Compact OCI-1000 Imager acquires visible-near infrared (VNIR) Hyperspectral data (each pixel on image has a full spectrum) with high spectral and spatial resolution with excellent sensitivity. The result is a fast Hyperspectral imager that can be installed almost anywhere from UAVs to conveyor belts in production lines.

  • Self-contained system with push-broom hyperspectral imager and touchscreen computer integrated in a handheld device
    Wide range of objective lenses for wide angle to close-up views
    Suitable for conveyor-belt, fast moving in-line applications
    Weighing less than 1 lbs.

  • Light weight
    High spectral and spatial resolution
    Easily integrated
    Hand held


  • Airborne mini UAV
    Remote sensing
    Optical sorting
    Food safety
    Counterfeit detection
    Tissue diagnostics
    OEM Systems

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