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Jaz Modular Optical Sensing Suite

Jaz is like nothing you have ever seen before - a community of stackable, modular and autonomous components that combine to create a family of smart sensing instruments. Jaz is unfettered by the limits of traditional optical sensing instrumentation. Its unique features and expandable platform makes it uniquely suited for field applications, remote sensing, process flow and quality assurance. Jaz is also available with an LED module that allows you to switch out LED bulbs much more easily. Now, instead of having to replace the entire module, all that is necessary is to replace the LED assembly - a small fixture with just three screws to manage. We offer modules and bulbs for white LEDs and for 450 nm, 590 nm and 640 nm wavelength LEDs.

  • RoHS and CE Mark certified

  • Up to 8 spectrometer channels

  • Mutipoint sample analysis

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    Jaz SpectroClip Probe
    The new SpectroClip is the perfect probe for measuring thin materials and other samples in the field, It allows you to easily measure transmission, reflection and absorption characteristics of materials with a maximum thickness of 5 mm. SpectroClip can support wavelength ranges from 200-2500 nm - depending on which light source or spectrometer you use. The active illuminated area is 5 mm. SpectroClip's integrating spheres capture diffuse reflected or transmitted light more efficiently than lens-based collection optics....
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    Jaz Side-Mount
    The new Jaz Mount securely cradles your Jaz Multi-channel setup for benchtop applications in the lab, field or on the production floor. Change orientation quickly and make visual inspection easier with this sturdy mount that works with virtually any standard tripod. Tripod not included...
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    Jaz DIN-Mount
    This clever rail-mounting adapter for your Jaz securely holds up to three Jaz modules (excluding DPU and end module) for incredible convenience. The Jaz DIN-Mount affixes the Jaz to any ordinary DIN rail with a clip that extends the end module, using Jaz's 1/4" x 20 screw hole. With the Jaz DIN-Mount, you can clip your Jaz onto a standard DIN-3 rail (35-mm wide top-hat rail). Perfect for most industrial settings, the Jaz DIN-Mount keeps your Jaz out of the way, safe from chemical goods and within reach....
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    Jaz Wall-Mount
    The Jaz Wall-Mount is a simple and easy-to-install bracket that allows you to mount your Jaz Suite to a nearby wall, freeing up space on your worktop or countertop. Keep your Jaz close to your work without sacrificing valuable surface space. Plus, the Jaz Wall-Mount is useful if your work involves liquids or other potentially damaging compounds. Mount your Jaz at eye-level for added convenience and ease of use. The Jaz Wall-Mount comes with all hardware needed to install your Jaz stack (up to three modules excluding DPU and End Module) to hollow or solid walls....
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    Jaz Pack
    The new Jaz Pack is the rough and tumble Jaz accessory made from lightweight, water-resistant fabric that stretches to hug your Jaz safely and securely. Jaz Packs unique flip top helps you see your display in the brightest of sunshine and its adjustable fit easily accommodates your configuration. Available with a shoulder strap or waistbelt, Jaz Pack keeps your Jaz dry, clean and safe - no matter where you take it....
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    Jaz Solar Pack
    The Jaz Solar Pack is the handy accessory that powers and recharges your Jaz unit via its mini-USB cable. Jaz Solar Pack recharges itself through sun or socket and can independently power your Jaz for up to four hours...
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    Jaz Interface Cable
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    Jaz Flange
    The new Jaz Flange helps you install your Jaz into a variety of handheld units, cases and hard-shells. The Jaz Flange snuggly secures your Jaz and helps protect its electronics from wear and tear. Use the Jaz Flange for field analysis, multi-site laboratory setups and more....
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