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HSI Examiner 50

For forensic hyperspectral imaging of questioned documents, latent prints, bloodstain analysis and more.

This product uses proven spectral processing techniques to enhance document alterations and advanced feature measurement tools for highlighting regions of interest. The image overlay, strobe and rotation comparison tools provide enhanced document examination.

  • Detection of Alterations for forgeries
    Imaging of TLC plates
    Identification of concealed or obliterated information


  • Non Destructive
    Fast aquisition
    Easy to use


  • Authenticate travel documents and currency
    Examine covert security features and watermarks
    Detect alterations and forgeries
    Exposes concealed or obliterated information
    Magnetic ink character reading
    Artwork Examination
    Artwork Restoration



  • To download the latest Acrobat Reader please click here (8mb) and follow the online instructions.
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