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HSI Examiner 200 QD

The hyperspectral imaging (HSI) system and software package designed to be the ultimate forensic document examination tool.

Geater sensitivity to forgeries and alterations, streamlined-yet-powerful analytical tools and software, plus a host of visual and document imaging accessories,the HSI Examiner 200 QD collects images up two times faster than video spectral analysis systems.

  • Obtains images 2X faster than video spectral analysis-based instruments
    HSI provides superior ink & document discrimination capabilities
    Feature measurement and annotation tools for document authentication
    High resolution HSI from UV to IR using reflectance, absorbance, transmittance & fluorescence
    Comprehensive imaging capabilities for quick verification of travel and ID documents
    High magnification digital microscope and document scanning accessories available

  • Easy-to-use software features icon driven interface, workspace management, and audit trail
    Dynamic evidence comparison tools and region-of-interest targeting
    Export HSI files as movies for dynamic courtroom presentation

  • Authenticate travel documents and currency
    Examine covert security features and watermarks
    Detect alterations and forgeries
    Exposes concealed or obliterated information
    Magnetic ink character reading
    Artwork Examination
    Artwork Restoration


  • To download the latest Acrobat Reader please click here (8mb) and follow the online instructions.
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