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Rex is an acronym for Road Explorer

Rex is an acronym for Road Explorer, and is a series of complete survey solutions for road and railroad surveys. The Rex systems are mounted on a vehicle and use airborne antennas to avoid the friction in contact with the road, allowing for considerable speeds of acquisition. Rex series solutions provide a single channel (Rex), dual channel(Rex Duo) and triple channel(Rex Triton) antenna combinations to satisfy the surveying requirements in the best possible way.

  • As with all complete systems, Rex includes an antenna(or more), a MCE multiplexer for the Rex Duo and Triton systems, an Akula 9000C control unit, a car mounted holder, a computer with pre-installed GAS XP acquisition software and GPRSoft post-processing software, as well as all the required accessories

  • Complete survey solutions for road and railroad surveys

    Rex Triton collects data from different layers in one go

  • High speed road surveys
    High speed railroad surveys
    High speed airport lanes inspection

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