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Scorpio is an all-in-one complete ground penetration survey solution

Scorpio is an all-in-one complete survey solution designed specifically with rough terrains in mind. The system has a combination of top of the line Geoscanners products: a radar control unit from the Akula 9000-series, a rough terrain GSH-490 survey trailer, a shallow to medium depth antenna of choice from the GCB-series, as well as both GAS acquisition and GPRSoft post-processing software. Everything is calibrated and matched, so that the system can be used as soon as it arrives.

  • As with all of Geoscanners systems, Scorpio is a very scalable system, where the antenna choice does not affect the final price of the system. The system can be adjusted to your specific survey upon a quick consultation with our engineers

  • is designed specifically for the  rough terrains  

    Save time by obtaining the data of superior quiality on the field.

  • Rough terrain utility detection and mapping
    Void location detection in rough terrains
    Environmental damage location
    Forensic investigations

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