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The RIEGL LMS-Q160 is a compact and extremely lightweight 2D scanning laser radar.

The RIEGL LMS-Q160 is a compact and extremely lightweight 2D scanning laser radar optimized for detecting even low-cross-section targets such as wires, thin branches etc. The instrument is designed for operation as an anti-collision sensor for unmanned airborne vehicles but can also be advantageously used for land vehicles and surveillance applications. It is based on the time-of-flight measurement principle using short infrared laser pulses and opto-mechanical scanning to provide on-line range and angle data of targets within the scanners field-of-view (FOV). The instrument needs only one power supply and provides discrete line scan data, directly stored on a computer system, via the integrated LAN-TCP/IP interface. The binary data stream can easily be decoded and processed using the available software library. The mechanical structure of the LMS-Q160 is extremely lightweight but on the other hand robust enough to withstand the shock and vibration load of land based or airborne vehicles.

  • Extremely lightweight

    - Maximum measurement range for wire targets up to 60 m

    - Maximum measurement range for natural flat targets up to 200 m

    - Laser Class 1

  • Compact, extremely lightweight 2D laser scanner

    - Ability to detect low-cross-section targets.

    - Can be use both on land vehicles and air-borne

    - Integrated LAN-TCP/IP interface for data storage

  • Obstacle Detection for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAV

    - Power Lines mapping

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