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TerraSpec® 4 Standard-Res Mineral Analyzer
Increase efficiency and optimize metal yield with high-throughput mineralogical analysis, and enjoy even greater data quality with the new TerraSpec 4 Standard-Res mining analyzer. Top mine operations around the world already trust ASDs TerraSpec line of mining instruments for their critical mineral analysis measurements...
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TerraSpec® 4 Hi-Res Mineral Spectrometer
Recognized as the de facto technology for mineralogical analysis, the rugged portable TerraSpec mineral spectrometers are trusted by top geologists for performing fast, precise geologic exploration....
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TerraSpec Halo

The ASD TerraSpec Halo is specially designed for exploration and mine geologists, the PANalytical ASD TerraSpec Halo mineral identifier is the next generation all-in-one mineral analysis system that allows you to immediately identify alteration minerals with a simple pull of a trigger for faster delineation of alteration, speedier core logging and quick confirmation of ore mineralogy.

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